Hebbronville, TX: Book Tour Highlights


Thanks to the Hebbronville Museum Foundation and the Jim Hogg County Public Library in my hometown in South Texas for inviting me to speak to the community. It was a packed house in the meeting room of the First National Bank, and so wonderful getting to see the faces of so many folks who have known me since I was a kid. I got to meet a lot of kids I’d never met before, and I got to see many of my former teachers, whom I owe a lot of gratitude for their enduring support, even at my grown age. My junior high librarian, Mrs. Irma Salinas, even brought me a little gift – a t-shirt covered in POW’s and BAM’s, just like the ones in Lucía the Luchadora. Best. Shirt. Ever. I’ll have to snap a pic of myself in it soon. Thanks, Mrs. Salinas!

That’s the great thing about growing up in a small town. You never really outgrow it.

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